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Gracia Final x15 - the Best concept of 2018!
Well-structured game world, created specifically for you.
Well-balanced rates for healthy economy, big war, live marketplace.
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Great combination of game capacity and labour intensity of achieving it, when even after months after "grand opening race" - game is still full of awesomeness for every player! Gracia Final lead you through the all content and makes you face your opponent, what make this chronicle one of the most PvP-oriented. Gameplay don't give any chance to multi-box players as well as to play with your fate while using 3rd party software. Only live-dynamical game, which challenge you every day. Only real opponents. The game that deserve the name of one of the best chronicles in Lineage 2!

You need to KNOW it!

● Conception of x15 - it's one of the best PvP modes ever!
● Our self-developed achievement system and daily quests system will say "NO" to routine.
● Cyclic macros - can be to toggled to persistent work (repeat constantly).
● Unique Newbie Guide - you don't need to load boxes anymore!
● Updated Olympid Game - it's no longer a death-point of the server.
● Logic and meachanic of the alliences has been rewarked.
● Bots and Mining-farm are not welcomed on our servers - we want the Game!

Big database of unique events!

● Good old, but actualized "Capture the Flag" and "Team Vs Team"
● PVE event for vitality replenishment - Dark Invasion
● Event for command channel of 2-5 groups - Ивент для командного канала из 2-5 групп - "The awakening of Cronus"

20 December 2017
  • Dear friends!​ The Grand Opening of the Ragnarok Gracia Final x15 server from Valhalla-Age & LaKiev team is about to take place! We wish you a successful start and enjoy the game!
    Do not forget to update your game files via autoupdater before the server start!​
    Please read the following information carefully.
    22 January 2018
  • The new server in conjunction with La.kiev.ua - Gracia Final X15.

    Chronicles deservedly received popularity in the golden age of Lineage 2.

    The launch date for the new server is January 22nd.

    15 December 2017
  • From the creators of one of the best Interlude servers of the recent years.

    New Interlude will be launched in the Spring!

    03 December 2017