Server №1
PLAYERS ONLINE 659 Status: 3 chapter
Launched March 1, 2019
Server №2
PLAYERS ONLINE CBTStatus: Expectation
Opening August 23, 2019 Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2

Lineage 2 Remastered - We took the best from all Lineage 2 chronicles!
There are many chronicles of Lineage 2, we have collected the best of all and created the best MMORPG for you!
For the most part, the Remastered version is based on the Interlude, High Five and Classic versions. Learn more


Brief server description
EXP - x3
SP - x3
Adena - x3
Drop - x3 chance
Spoil - x3 chance
SealStone - x3
Raid EXP - x3
Raid Drop - x3
The principles of the classic version of the game, the spirit of the Middle Ages and the conciseness of the Lineage world are preserved!
  • Fair balance of 31 classes and 5 races (without Kamael and Ertheia)
  • Hardcore character development, maximum level - 80
  • Game client from Classic, stable and optimized
  • Classical economics, craft from D to S grade
  • Olympiad from level 55 with rewards and daily tasks
  • No continent Gracia, seamless medieval world
  • Party raids with looking for group system
  • Epic-Bosses with evening respawn time
  • The reward for visiting the epic raids for each member of the clan
Obtaining 1,2,3 class, sub-class or noblesse - requires completing full quest.
Instance, party and solo raids with looking for group system.
Reward for every member in successful epic boss raid.
Full server description
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